Meet Our Local Artisan Partners

We are fortunate to be based in a place with so much talent and ingenuity. From bush crafts to ancestral techniques, view some of Maun’s 'makers'

Woven Fabrics

Nelly Morotsi and the craft of sewing in Boseja

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Wild Artefacts

Procured cultural decor from remote areas

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Traditional Clay

The passion of an old craft from the earth

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Boteti Paradise Upholstery

Sam ’the canvas man’ and his love of canvas

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Mukwa Furniture

Nature, skating and furniture with Sande Greer

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The story behind every image of home

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Craft Centre Pottery

'The professor’ tells of glazing and painting

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Ledule Mogalaiwe

Sparks and other stories by ‘Lead’

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Matlapaneng Baskets

Cultural history weaved into art and empowerment

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