Saguni Lodge's Eco-Friendly Decisions

In the remote bush, energy production in a sustainable and environment friendly manner is essential but can be quite a challenge. Energy is required for refrigeration, water heating, food preparation and lighting. During the Saguni Lodge design process we approached keeping our carbon footprint low in a practical way. The first step is reducing our energy consumption needs by:

– Utilising LED lighting technology
– A++ refrigeration which can be up-scaled or down-scaled according to demand
– Clean burning instant gas water heating systems that only consume energy when hot water is required
– Clean burning gas for food preparation
– Energy conscious approach to laundry activities

Solar system and gas water heaters

Central to the majority of Saguni camps power systems is the solar system supplied and installed by in-country specialist M-Tech. This cutting edge plant generates the power for the majority of the of the camps activities. Turbo Diesel generators only provide power where energy from solar is insufficient.

Solar power is generated by the most current generation 45Kwp Photo – Voltaic array (solar panels). This 100% clean energy is collected from the sun daily and stored in the cutting edge 60Kwhr LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery array. These batteries are a quantum leap forward compared to the old Lead Acid technology batteries which were the Achilles heel of solar systems in the past. Pound for pound they feature six times the energy storage capabilities, six times the longevity and can be recharged up to ten times faster. LiFePo4 is the safest of the Lithium battery chemistries and is also used extensively in electric vehicles.

The energy from the batteries is converted to Alternating Current (AC) to power the camps lighting, refrigeration and other appliances. The solar plant is internet connected which allows for remote monitoring and maintenance and it will alert service personnel if any parameter of the plant is outside normal conditions allowing for pre-preemptive service interventions.

The instant gas water heaters at Saguni Lodge similarly best in class cutting edge technology. Incorporating microprocessor controlled adjustment of the burners according to inputs from water pressure, incoming water temperature and flow rate. This ensures a precise continuous on demand output of hot water for that lovely warm shower or bath! The units incorporate forced air combustion which uses the least gas and thus achieves the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Saguni: A true eco-lodge

Interested to hear more about Saguni Lodge? It is situated in Moremi East in the Okavango Delta, nestled in an island of mature riparian trees. The Lodge overlooks the ‘Mbudi Lagoon’, in the beautiful game-rich area of Khwai. For more info see:

Written by Amy Fletcher